The Supercar Reinvented – The Mclaren 720s Spider And The 600lt

McLaren Automotive has long been associated with some of the most cutting edge supercars that the world has ever seen. With their latest offering, they have again raised the bar of desirability when it comes to sheer good looks and performance. The McLaren 600lt and 720s spider are simply among the best looking cars on the planet – and with blistering performance have what it takes under the bonnet to make even the most jaded of high-performance automobile lovers smile from ear to ear.

The McLaren 720s Spider is certainly no slouch when it comes to blowing your hair back. Powered by a V8 Turbo this is a 202 mph convertible that quite simply changes the game. Adding to the attraction is the high tech folding top which makes sit suitable for any conditions – summer or winter this is a car that will reward the driver in ways that make other convertibles – or even other Supercars look pedestrian in comparison.

The 720s Spider is a reinvention of McLarens’s 720s Coupe – however, the carbon fiber core Monocage II core has seen some significant redesign allowing it to offer the rigid performance that allows the convertible to play in the big leagues. This has meant an increase in weight by around 50 kg’s, but even this sacrifice has allowed the McLaren to take top honors when it comes to weight in its class. It is simply the latest of its type on the road.

The four-liter twin turbo V8 is married to a 7-speed gearbox and the rear wheel drive configuration allows the McLaren 720s Spider to rocket to 62 mph in a stunning 2.9 seconds. It’ll eat up a quarter mile in a very rapid 10.4 seconds and with a top speed of 212 mph (albeit with the roof up). With the roof down it’s also no slouch, being able to reach 202 mph with ease. This is a car that can play with the big boys of the supercar world and easily hold its own.

McLaren has stuck with the same winning formula of interior design and exterior finishes that made the 720s Coupe so popular – a great move by the manufacturer.

McLaren has also not been sleeping on their laurels when it comes to other new models – the latest Mclaren 600LT delivers 400kw in a package that is sure to delight. This twin turbocharged, 3.8 liter V8 hypercar is the perfect big brother to the 720s Spider. It rewards the driver with an experience that must be enjoyed behind the wheel to be believed. It seems that McLaren is once again ready to take on the world when it comes to good looks and performance.

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